Who We Are!

The PowerLink Conference and Expo is a small business that has made a commitment to help reshape the community by educating, celebrating, and rebuilding, small businesses.  If we can help grow a business it will help grow a community.

Our Belief is that small business is the backbone of any community. We also believe if small business is supported within the community, it will in turn support the community.  However, when small businesses and large corporations work together the community thrives and advances beautifully bringing harmony amongst the people by creating employment and support within confines of the community structure.

Our Mission is to help maintain small business within the communities and teach the community how to support small business so that small business can in turn help and support the community. It is also to help large corporations teach small business owners how they can partner and work together to build strong business.

Our Vision is to help small business owners see the value of their business being in the community and erase color lines within the business arena and create opportunities for ALL businesses to flourish in the Medium Cities of the United States of America.

Our Goal is to meet the needs of the local consumers with local business products, goods and services.

Why We Do What We Do.

Our desire is to work with other organizations, and help unite the Southern Region of the Country, that has mid-sized cities, as small businesses begin to flourish in the area.

It is also to help connect small business owners with Large Corporations and Government entities and help match up needs and expertise for all three groups to benefit from.  

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