Chris Byrnes

Chris Byrnes works for the Department of Financial Services, Division of
Workers’ Compensation, Bureau of Compliance as a Government
Operations Consultant III.

Chris began with the Department on January 20, 2015 as an Insurance
Analyst II, working in the field contacting employers to verify if workers’
compensation insurance was in effect if needed. If an employer was found
to be non-compliant it was Chris’ responsibility to educate the employer of
the requirements of workers’ compensation insurance according to the
Florida Statutes 440.

On May 31, 2019, Chris became a Regulatory Analyst II (Senior
Investigator). His job duties consisted the same duties as an Insurance
Analyst II but also included training new investigators and conducting
continuing education courses for contractors.

Chris became the Government Operations Consultant III for District 1A on
January 1, 2020. Chris’ new adventure is just starting.
On his personal time, Chris plays with a local band providing entertainment
for many in our area. Chris also has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in
business administration from Georgia State University.