Table Sponsors

This event has been specifically created to give back to the community. Fifty percent of the sponsorship for this event will be used as a scholarship toward 3 different Non-Profit organizations.  Sponsor a table for $2000 this and get your business noticed on Thursday evening. Your business will be the last thing remembered. There will be signage, brochures, door prizes, and a welcome speech. In addition, there will be a local very popular band that comes in and performs.


  • Inside Cover Ad                                $500   
  • Adjacent Inside Cover Ad                $350   
  • Back Cover Ad                                  $500   
  • Full Page Ad (5 avail)                       $200   
  • ¾ Page Ad (10 avail)                        $150   
  • ½ Page Ad (10 avail)                         $100   
  • ¼ Page Ad (20 avail)                         $50

Half Of Proceeds Go To Scholarships

For More Information Call (850)291-3003 or Email

Charitable Contributions

The PowerLink wants to give back to the community and help three deserving NON-Profit organization that we will receive monetarily support during our Gala. These organization are chosen for their hard work, dedication, and impact within the community.

They are also privately owned non-profits that not getting government assistance because we believe that those particular non-profits need the money more and they are working harder to get the funding in order to support their causes.

As we view these non-profits we see their desire to create change and feel that they are worthy of the funds they will receive. However, being good stewards of what we donate, it is important that we see where the funds are going to be utilized. Our goal is to make sure that the funds are allocated where the non-profit states they will be allocated and help them reach that goal.

This year we are working to have the Gala in July on a warm summer evening. If your company would like to become a sponsor for the gala please click here.