Peggy Brockman & Kathy Houchins

Peggy Brockman and Kathy Houchins have done and seen it all!  Talking about breaking the glass ceiling….these ladies have done it multiple times and don’t apologize for it!  Both are long time entrepreneurs, both are authors, both have worked in corporate management and both have served non-profit organizations, but most of all, both have lived a life of success and significance and battled some pretty challenging battles.  Although they are truly soul sisters from another mother…their friendship and powerful partnership formed back in the early 2000’s when they served as the first ever back to back female Chair’s of the Board of the Greater Fort Walton Beach Chamber of Commerce. Together, they are now known as the Gutsy Old Broads!  And GUTSY they are!

In November of 2019 they launched their joint Gutsy Old Broads Facebook page and go live on a regular basis to entertain and educate their audience.   They built a following of over 400 women (and a few men) within their first month and they continue to grow their audience.  It’s not all just fluff…it is very powerful insight delivered with the wit and humor all who know them get to experience.  In addition, they provide Visioning Day Workshops and an online training/coaching program that help you BreakThrough and Create Your Best Year EVER! by getting out of your own way, eliminating the self-limiting beliefs, and using the system the GOB’s have designed to create the success they both have found in life and business.  Their detailed workbook and workshops have changed the lives and business of every person who has engaged in it.   

Don’t miss these truly gifted Gutsy Old Broads – it promises to be the most fun you will have taking on your life in a big way!