Registration List

Make the Most of the Conference & Expo

Make sure you get the registration listing to zero in on potential clients. If you leave without this you may as well have stayed home. This will give you the contacts of every participant including sponsors and vendors at the event.

Registration List                   $1,500

Our Registration List for each Expo is sent out as an Excel File within (7) business days after the Expo. This is a great way to build your email list with hot qualified leads. This list includes each registrant’s Name, Company, Job Title, Phone Number, Mailing Address and Email Address.

Rolling Registration List       $2,500

Receive registrations as they come in so you can market to the attendees before, during & after the Expo! Receive new registrations daily, weekly or monthly! (lists start sending approx. 3 weeks before the event date).

Registration YES/NO Lead Qualifier Question $3,000

Your dedicated qualifier YES/NO question will be listed on our registration page and required to be answered by each person that registers. All “YES” answers will be sent to you at your choice of daily, weekly or monthly increments with all contact information provided by that attendee (Name, Email, Mailing Address, Phone #, Company, Job Title). This is an excellent tool to receive qualified hot leads for your sales team.

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