Speaker Guidelines

The PowerLink Small Business Conference & Expo

Standards and Guidelines for Speakers and Moderators

SUMMARY: These standards and guidelines are intended to provide guidance to speakers and moderators at events conducted by the TPE. The TPE desires that speakers and moderators:

  • Have a significant knowledge and expertise of the subject area;
  • Have sufficient presentation skills to effectively communicate
  • Do not engage in excessive commercial presentations of their organization;
  • Be conscious of the time limitation of their presentation;
  • Note the recommendations (below) for preparation of PowerPoint presentations; and
  • Understand that materials provided for this TPE event become the property of TPE and can be used (for placement on www.thepowerlinkexpo.com or use in other educational activities of the TPE). However, we do not own your actual presentation… we use the materials provided for commercials mostly.

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TPE is committed to presenting state of the art educational conferences, workshops, and seminars that deliver valuable ideas and information to our attendees. Historically, TPE’s philosophy has been to select conference speakers from both the public and private sectors who represent the breadth of the field, differing levels of experience, and who are highly recommended as communicators and authorities in their fields of expertise. Presentations made by volunteer professionals are considered contributions to the industry; thus, travel/expenses are not reimbursed except in exceptional circumstances.

The registration fee for all speakers is complimentary for each day of the conference. Speakers do not have to fill out a registration form.   TPE has developed the following set of standards and guidelines to which all speakers and moderators are expected to adhere. Individuals who violate these standards and guidelines will not be invited to speak at future TPE conferences.


  1. Knowledge of the subject. Speakers and moderators shall have both in-depth and broad knowledge of the presented subject, going beyond their personal experience or the experience of their organization or firm. This will help provide examples for participants that illustrate various points of view or methods of doing things, and allow more complete responses to questions. It is also valuable to incorporate a global perspective whenever possible on the topic of discussion.
  1. Presentation skills. Speakers shall understand how to address and teach adults. This includes, at a minimum, good voice projection, coordination of oral and visual information, ability to interact positively with the audience, and ability to synthesize information into understandable segments and present them in an orderly and logical manner. One should avoid reading material from the slide presentation. Slide material should touch on key points of the presentation. Presentation skills will be a major factor used by TPE staff and committees when recruiting speakers. In addition, TPE allows only one speaker from any given organization to speak on a panel, and not more than two speakers from the same organization to participate in a single program.
  • No commercials. No speaker will sell or promote any product, service, or publication during any presentation. Distributing or handing out a company’s promotional literature maybe handed out after presentation and outside of the exhibit booth. No more than one slide may be used in the presentation describing the organization’s capabilities and business operations.
  • Consider the Bottom Line. Registrants attend conferences to gather information that can help them in their own business more effectively. Speakers should attempt to relate information keeping in mind how it can be used by members of the audience and the specific focus of the event.
  • Use of visuals. To assure that presentations increase understanding by utilizing both “show” and “tell,” speakers are strongly encouraged to use both the spoken word and appropriate visuals. Visuals should be professional in appearance, easily legible from the back of large rooms (i.e. limit the number of words on each slide to the salient points – may be no more than 40 words total), and presented through PowerPoint, or similar computerized format. Examples, stories, and anecdotes shall be used where appropriate. Speakers may include name, title and company information on the beginning page of the presentation and may include one commercial company logo on the last page of the presentation only, along with any contact information appropriate. Repeated use of a commercial logo on multiple slides is prohibited.
  • Audiovisual equipment. The standard AV package includes a lectern, podium microphone, an LCD projector and screen. Additional AV, a lavaliere microphones, Internet connection, and flip chart and markers, will be available by request only, but charges for the items may apply refer to app. form.
  • Moderator’s Preparation. It is strongly suggested that panel moderators contact the participants on their specific panel to discuss the content, focus and timeframe for each presenter; ensuring there is no overlap or redundant information and the transition between speakers are seamless. Every speaker is urged to rehearse the presentation several times in advance of the conference, and to assure that it can be completed in the allotted time.
  • No religion, no politics. Presentations shall be limited to professional topics and shall be free from inappropriate humor, as well as, the expression of religious, political, philosophical, or other beliefs.
  • Attire. It is strongly encouraged that speakers and moderators dress in business attire during presentations.
  1. Cancellations. TPE strongly encourages speakers and moderators to notify TPE’s Executive Director immediately in the event that an emergency should prevent him or her from presenting a session, and to the best of their ability, attempt to provide a substitute to fill the vacancy.
  1. Permission to record or reproduce. Speakers are required to sign this release form indicating that the materials they are presenting may be so distributed, and that such Presentations are the property of the TPE and that the TPE has received any required permission to use same. TPE will insist, without exception that all speakers sign this indemnification agreement holding TPE harmless from any claims as a result of TPE publishing or distributing handouts either in electronic or hard copy format.

Release Form/Indemnification Agreement

I agree that TPE, or its agents, have the right to record my presentation, to reproduce written materials for my presentation in the conference proceedings CD and on the TPE website, to offer for sale products based on the recording and/or written materials in multiple formats, and to retain the proceeds from the sale of these items. I further understand that my signing of this release in no way prohibits me from using the material presented at this TPE conference in any manner I choose. I also understand that TPE may use my photograph in publications, brochures, etc., as part of the information surrounding and marketing the TPE.

To the best of my knowledge, my presentation does not violate any proprietary or personal rights of others (including any copyright, trademark and privacy rights), is factually accurate, and contains nothing defamatory or otherwise harmful. I have the full authority to enter into this agreement and have obtained all necessary permissions or licenses from any individuals or organizations whose material is included or used in my presentation. I also agree to adhere to the guidelines outlined in the Standards and Guidelines for Speakers and Moderators and comply with all program related deadlines provided to me by TPE, including but not limited to deadlines for handouts, etc. I understand that I will not receive any royalties, honoraria, reimbursement of expenses, or other compensation from TPE in connection with the program or the rights granted above.


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