We will have dynamic speakers who are able to move you into the new era of business. Many of our speakers will be coming from around the nation giving you pertinent information that will help you grow your business, save money or become a better business owner. They will encourage you, enlighten you, restore you and excite you. If you want to hear some of our speakers and learn how they can help your business, The PowerLink Small Business Conference & Expo will be the event where you want to participate!



Andrea Moore
Exporting 101!
Rosalind Bryant
8 (a) Certification
SBA Business Loans
Dale O. Smith
Manufacturing from overseas sources
Mike Sireci
Being Environmentally Conscious in Business
J. Nevin Shaffer, PA
Protecting Your IP
Mason Guttery
Mark Fox
3 Employer Strategies to Win the Health Care Game!
Dr. Jessica Griffen
Emotional Intelligence for Business
Brian Braley
Foundation of Sales
Katrice Johnson
SWOT or SQUAT Analysis
Dr. Sam Graber
EXECUpreneur’s EDGE
Grace Resendez McCaffery 
Kenny Bryant, How Money Works
Paul Noble
How to Do Business with Escambia County
Jim Sparks
Social Entrepreneurship
Patrick Rooney
The Dangers of Growing Too Fast
Mia Bolden

Other Workshops

How to set up Non-Profits Dr. Jessica Griffen
Filling Out Form 1023 Dr. Jessica Griffen
How to Get Exempt Status Dr. Jessica Griffen
Non-Profits Creative Fundraising TBD
Grant Writing for Non-ProfitsTBD
Business Planning
Revisiting Your Business Plan – Not A Vision Board Katrice Johnson
Writing A Business Plan TBD
Business Model Canvas TBD
SWOT or SQUAT Analysis Katrice Johnson
Reorganizing Your Business TBD
Competitive Advantages – finding The Uniqueness in Your BusinessTBD
Creating Workable Infrastructure for Small Businesses TBD
Measuring Performances in Small Business TBD
Business Owners Leadership and Their Team
Creativity and Leadership: How to Inspire
Your Employees & Yourself to Innovate
Creativity and Empathy: A Powerful Way to
Develop Empathy Using Creativity Tools
Getting Over Creative Blocks and Reaching
Your Company’s Creative Potential
Creativity and Problem Solving & Teamwork Robert Foster
Business Owners Leadership and Their Team TBD
Creativity is a Muscle: Use it or Lose it TBD
Being An Influence With Millennial Employees
Money for & Funding Your Business
Small Business creative ways to build revenue in your business TBD
Your Business & Taxes Patrick Rooney
Establishing Business Credit Patrick Rooney
Working with Crowdfunding TBD
Working With A Private Investor Patrick Rooney
Working with Capital VenturesPatrick Rooney
How To Secure A Business Loan TBD
How To Write A Grant for Small BusinessTBD
Marketing Your Business
Branding for Small Business -Avoiding the Pitfalls of Designing Your Own BrandMason Guttery
Branding and Promoting Your Business
The Difference Between MarketingTBD
Creating A Viable Marketing Plan
Market Research for Small Business & ToolsTBD
Advertising Your BusinessTBD
Mastering Social Media and Sales TBD
Google, Bing, Yahoo SEO Listings TBD
Connecting to Clients Nationally TBD
Digital Marketing TBD
Laser Targeting Your Market TBD
Marketing on Steroids TBD
SAles … sales… sales….
Foundation of SalesSteve Wilmer
Equipping your Sales Team Brian Braley
Effective Sales ProcessBrian Braley
Interviewing skills for Sales PersonBrian Braley
governmental certification & applications
Getting Certified As A Minority/Women Business Rosalind Bryant
Getting Certified As A Veteran Business Rosalind Bryant
Getting 8(a) Certified Dale Smith
Certified As A Hubzone Dale Smith
How To Write A Government Contracts
Exporting Your Business 101Andrea Moore
Getting Your Financials Together Contracts
Doing Business With Escambia CountyPaul Nobles
Doing Business With Santa Rosa CountyJames Walters
small business and Healthcare
What’s Next for Small Business Healthcare TBD
What the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Means for Entrepreneurs TBD
Small Business and Medical Insurance TBD
The Business Case for Behavioral Health Care Dr. Ava Jones
Workplace Mental Health: Tips for Supporting Employees Dr. Ava Jones
Emotional Intelligence for BusinessDr. Jessica Griffen
Navigating Health Care: A Toolkit for Employees and Employers TBD
3 Employer Strategies to Win the Health Care Game! Mark Fox
Tech in Supply Chain TBD
How Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Can Save You Money TBD
Employee Management TBD
Human Resource ManagementTBD
Benefits of Using Project Management Software TBD
Project Management Software Pros & Cons TBD
Syncing Mail and To Do Items With a Phone TBD
Different Small Business Management Programs TBD
Information Technology for Business Success TBD
Protecting your business
Intellectual Property Mistakes You Can Only Make if you are IBM J Nevin Shaffer
Cybersecurity (Learning How to Protect Your Business)
How to Nurture Your Business When It’s Slows Down
Knowing Your Limitations In Business
The Danger of Growing Too Fast Patrick Rooney
How To Protect Your Business From Natural Disasters
Copyrighting & It’s Importance
How To Get Patents For Your Business
Budgeting for BusinessErin Wilmer
Managing Customer’s Expectations
Accountability In Your Business
Being Environmentally Conscious In BusinessMike Sireci
Making Sure Your Business Doesn’t Help Sex TraffickersDr. Sam Graber
Habits that Can Help Or Hurt Your SuccessDr. Sam Graber
Fine Tuning Your BusinessTBD
The Power of Being MentoredTBD
Social EntrepreneurJim Sparks
Launching An Online BusinessTBD
Networking Like A Pro! (Even If You’re Shy!) Mia Bolden
Bridging the Gap Between Confidence & CompetenceJohn Rigsby
Were In Transition: Your Thoughts Have Power Barbara Britt
minorities in business
Engaging & Empowering: Supporting Black Small Business through PolicyJohn Rigsby
Dealing with Diversity in Your Business
women in business
7 Ways Women Can Be Visible At Work & In Their Business Mia Bolden
Breaking the Glass Ceiling A Female An EntrepreneurDr. Ava Jones

Want to be a Speaker at this event?

The PowerLink Small Business Conference & Expo

SUMMARY: These standards and guidelines are intended to provide guidance to speakers and moderators at events conducted by the TPE. The TPE desires that speakers and moderators:

  • Have a significant knowledge and expertise of the subject area;
  • Have sufficient presentation skills to effectively communicate
  • Do not engage in excessive commercial presentations of their organization;
  • Be conscious of the time limitation of their presentation;
  • Note the recommendations (below) for preparation of PowerPoint presentations; and
  • Understand that materials provided for this TPE event become the property of TPE (for placement on www.thepowerlinkexpo.com or use in other educational activities of the Council). Click Here for the application and Click Here to print out guidelines

TPE is committed to presenting state of the art educational conferences, workshops, and seminars that deliver valuable ideas and information to our attendees. Historically, TPE’s philosophy has been to select conference speakers from both the public and private sectors who represent the breadth of the field, differing levels of experience, and who are highly recommended as communicators and authorities in their fields of expertise. Presentations made by volunteer professionals are considered contributions to the industry; thus, travel/expenses are not reimbursed except in exceptional circumstances.

The registration fee for all speakers is complimentary for each day of the conference. Speakers do not have to fill out a registration form.   TPE has developed the following set of standards and guidelines to which all speakers and moderators are expected to adhere. Individuals who violate these standards and guidelines will not be invited to speak at future TPE conferences.

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