We will have dynamic speakers who are able to move you into the new era of business. Many of our speakers will be coming from around the nation giving you pertinent information that will help you grow your business, save money or become a better business owner. They will encourage you, enlighten you, restore you and excite you. If you want to hear some of our speakers and learn how they can help your business, The PowerLink Small Business Conference & Expo will be the event where you want to participate!



Want to be a Speaker at this event?

The PowerLink Small Business Conference & Expo

SUMMARY: These standards and guidelines are intended to provide guidance to speakers and moderators at events conducted by the TPE. The TPE desires that speakers and moderators:

  • Have a significant knowledge and expertise of the subject area;
  • Have sufficient presentation skills to effectively communicate
  • Do not engage in excessive commercial presentations of their organization;
  • Be conscious of the time limitation of their presentation;
  • Note the recommendations (below) for preparation of PowerPoint presentations; and
  • Understand that materials provided for this TPE event become the property of TPE (for placement on www.thepowerlinkexpo.com or use in other educational activities of the Council). Click Here to print out guidelines

TPE is committed to presenting state of the art educational conferences, workshops, and seminars that deliver valuable ideas and information to our attendees. Historically, TPE’s philosophy has been to select conference speakers from both the public and private sectors who represent the breadth of the field, differing levels of experience, and who are highly recommended as communicators and authorities in their fields of expertise. Presentations made by volunteer professionals are considered contributions to the industry; thus, travel/expenses are not reimbursed except in exceptional circumstances.

The registration fee for all speakers is complimentary for each day of the conference. Speakers do not have to fill out a registration form.   TPE has developed the following set of standards and guidelines to which all speakers and moderators are expected to adhere. Individuals who violate these standards and guidelines will not be invited to speak at future TPE conferences.


Many of our workshops will be based on the needs of the regional area. However, there are some workshops we simply cannot live without:


Doing Business with Universities/Colleges (TBD)

Government Room

Doing Business With The Government Agencies (TBD)

Getting Certified with the Federal Government   (TBD)

County Room

Doing business with the Counties (TBD)

How to Write a Bid & Factoring

City Room

Doing Business with the Cities (TBD)

How to Write a Bid & Factoring

Corporations Room

Vending With Large Corporations (TBD)

Grants & Grant Writing

Business Workshops

Planning Your Business – Katrice Johnson – Graphic Grooves Production Company

Is Your Business Tax Savvy – Shannon Harrold, Let’s Get Fiscal, LLC

Classes We Would Like To Present

Credit & Loans for Business today

The Green Way of Doing Business

Planning For Success

Advertising & Marketing the Right Way

Taking the Lead In Business

The Better Business Bureau

Business Owners & Retirement

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