The Power Link Small Business Expo was a wonderful FREE community event that was very well orchestrated!  If you were a business owner, entrepreneur or even thinking about your own business the Power Link Small Business Expo was the place to be! The expo provided workshops and opportunities to talk to prominent industry professionals that gave insight on the challenges and opportunities for small business owners and entrepreneurs.  The vendors were plentiful and easy to approach and everyone in attendance really enjoyed themselves.  This is an event that is only going to grow in the future! Go Power Link Small Business Expo!  Terrance Henderson, Team Media Creations

“I have had the pleasure of knowing Katrice for the past 2 years. We are involved in several business groups together. She is very honest, caring, passionate about her work and committed 100% to succeed. The Power Link’s passion is paired with an unparalleled professionalism and it translates in a continuous drive to help other small businesses in the community. Katrice single-handedly organized the first Power Link Small Business Expo in 2011.  It was a great venue for small businesses from and around Pensacola to meet, network and grow their businesses.” Anne Johnson, Your Software Coach

“I participated in the Power Link Small Business Expo in Pensacola this year which The Power Link organized to benefit small business in our community. The Power Link worked tirelessly from beginning to end to make this event successful for all who participated. The Power Link was consistently responsive, reliable, and easy to work with. The Power Link has demonstrated a true commitment to the small business community, as well as local civic causes.” Harrold Magaha, Blab TV

Big thank you to The PowerLink Expo for all her hard work in making this event possible, a gal who truly cares about our local community. There were lot’s of fantastic vendors at the event including us Toucansave! We met some of the best businesses in Pensacola! Teresa Casey-Bryan

Loved it and had such a great time! The PowerLink did an excellent job of putting it on!  Jeannie Aylsworth

I will definitely be a vendor for the next one!! Dana Hilliard