We have over 100 vendor spots available for business owners to come in and showcase their business at this event. We have designed the floor to look like and open market where the booth you rent will not be missed by anyone.

We have rented out the entire The Pensacola Bay Center, no matter where a person turns they will see a business and we guarantee high volume of foot traffic at all locations at this event.

The setting is well planned out where no-profits and Taste of the Gulf Coast will be on 3rd floor. this will allow the participants to enjoy their food as they visit with the Non-Profit vendors and gather information about their causes.

On the main floor will be all other businesses where participants will spend their time learning about your business and what you have to offer.

We have also made this event somewhat exclusive. There will only be 3 of the same type businesses that will be allowed to showcase in this expo. It is first come first serve basis, BUT once we will the slots for that one type business no other business in the same industry will be able to become a vendor.

Vendor Package Regular Prices Starting on January 16, 2020

(only 10 non-profits available and agencies working for same cause will need to work together)

Non-Profit Booth including Magazine ad $125 additional (Business card ad)

Government Booths with Magazine Ads $125 Additional fee (Business Card size)

Booth (6 x 6) including Magazine ad $125 additional (Business card ad)

Filling out this form is an indicator that you are ready to proceed with participating in this event. Once we receive your email we will send you a statement for the amount due. That payment must be made within 24 hours or your spot will be cancelled and the process will start over again. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us at

Booth Add-on

Add Corner Booth Premium Location Booth Space $299

Table w/2 chairs  $150

250 Swag Bag Item Sponsors $100

Seminar $300

30 Sec. Commercial  $100

Want to people to hear about your products and services?




First place trophies with a monetary gift will be presented at the end of Expos.

For More Information Call (850)291-3003 or Email

Vendors Participating